Risk Management training

Risks may seem daunting, but handled correctly you can turn them into business opportunities. Learn how to identify and mitigate risks through our risk management training.

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Risk Management
Business Assurance

ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 - Become an Auditor/Lead auditor Third Party IRCA

Auditors Certification facilitates competencies harmonization and audit methodologies for internal needs, assessment of suppliers or conducting third party audits. It enables the auditor to validate it knowledge of ISO 14001 and OHSAS, audit management, and obtain a certificate recognized internationally.
Business Assurance

ISRS 7 or 8 ™ - Master the innovative methods of risk management (MSM2)

MSM2 is the new edition of the DNV GL’s foundation course “Modern Safety Management” that builds your risk competence. MSM is the world’s leading foundation course for health, safety, environmental and quality Management, providing leaders and supervisors with practical tools and techniques for risk management and integrating innovative concepts to improve your operating results and overall business performance.
Business Assurance

QSE - Become internal auditor of an integrated management system QSE

During the deployment and as part of continuous monitoring of the HSEQ management approach, it is essential for companies to measure the performance of their Integrated Management System (IMS) and its relevance to the goals. This training will help you to acquire the tools and methodologies for conducting effective internal audits.
Business Assurance

QSE – Implement an integrated QSE System

You are considering to set up an integrated Management System. You expect greater consistency and better control of your processes. This training helps you in your goals of efficiency and gives you the knowledge and the tools to engage your system in a HSEQ approach.