Food Hygiene - Foundation Course: Standard Understanding Requirements

This is a Basic requirement for qualification of the Food Safety Team leader and members.

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Food and beverage

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 Days

  • Prerequisite:

    A basic preliminary knowledge on food safety is advised.

Dates and locations

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June 29-30
October 15-16

It is also required for qualification of internal auditor for GLOBALGAP and Tesco, and can also be used for qualification in food safety standards like FSSC 22000. It is not possible to develop and implement a Food Safety Management System without a good background on Good Hygiene and Good Management practices.

It is fundamental to understand the concept of PRP and oPRP to establish the bases for production of safe and legal food. Some focus on special PRPs is required to be aligned to the specific requirements coming from the market and imbedded in the Standard 

Who should attend

The course is addressed to operators in the sector of food safety management and certification interested to build a more in-depth understanding on Food Safety and Food Hygiene:

  • Food safety team leaders and team members
  • Food safety management system designer
  • Food Safety Internal and third party Auditors

Learning objectives
  • To provide the participants with knowledge to plan and support the implementation of Food Hygiene practices
  • To provide understanding on the content and purposes of the Pre-requisite programs
  • To facilitate the implementation of a risk based Food Safety Management System
  • To provide a methodology to be applied for Food risk prevention and management
  • To provide Delegates with the skills needed to understand, and implement needed pre-requisite programs.
Course highlights 
  • Introduction to Food Safety Management System. The risk based approach as a key tool for food safety
  • PRPs: what are they and how to implement
  • oPRPs : how to identify  and manage an operational PRP
  • Managing significant hazards: control measures identification
  • Validation, Monitoring and Verification of oPRPs
  • Links to HACCP plan and synergic effects.

A basic preliminary knowledge on food safety is advised.