ISO 14001:2015 – Master the requirements of the standard

You want to update your knowledge and anticipate changes on 2015 version of the ISO 14001 standard.

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ISO 2015 transitions - partner with DNV GL on the transition

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Prerequisite:

    Participants must know the 2004 version of ISO 14001. The training will enable them to update their knowledge and to anticipate changes of the 2015 release.

  • Additional information:

    This training is designed for the quality approach actors mastering the ISO 14001:2004

Dates and locations

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19-20 July
7-8 November

Pedagogic goals: 

 · Understand the new concepts of the ISO HLS structure (High Level Structure)

 · Understand the major issues of the revision 2015 of ISO 14001. 

 · Understand the new requirements introduced by the ISO 14001:2015 

 · Identify the impacts on your organization


 · Introduction 

       · Goals and challenges of the revision of the standard 

       · Review process 

       · Calendar and potential impacts on your certification

 · Reminder of the new HLS structure of ISO standards

 · Vocabulary: New definitions (ludic workshop around the terms and definitions)

 · The environmental management principles (discovery workshop)

 · Context of the organization

       · Understanding of the internal and external context of the organization: what are the requirements? (Context discovery workshop)

       · Understanding the needs and expectation of stakeholders: identify and determinate their needs and expectations (quizzes and discussion workshop)

 · Management’s responsibility: Roles, responsibilities and authorities – What changes?

 · Planning

       · Risk management: Identify the risks and opportunities and take them into account (brainstorming workshop) 

       · Identification of environmental aspects in a life cycle perspective 

       · Environmental goals and how to define the action plan to achieve them? (Brainstorming workshop)

 · Support 

       · What are the new resources requirements?

       · Internal and external communication

       · Documentation of the management system: What changes? (Discovery workshop)

 · Implementation of operational activities

       · Controlling changes 

       · Consistency with the life cycle

       · The requirements for post-delivery activities

 · Performance evaluation

       · What have an organization to monitor, measure, analyze and assess?

       · Internal audit: What’s new? 

 · Improvement: What developments (in form and substance)

 · Conclusion

       · Opportunities arising from the new version 

       · Impacts on your management system

 Persons concerned:

 Environment Experts, Environment Managers, Environment Director, Director or Manager QHSE, Internal Auditor Environment

 Pedagogical methods:

 Several discussion Workshops, individual reflection and sub-groups exercises, case studies and quizzes.