ISO 22000:2015 – Master the requirements of the standard

Your company is involved in an ISO 22000:2005 project. After an initiation, you need to master the requirements of the standard to build the Management System, to Train collaborators on and/or to Audit.

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 Day

  • Prerequisite:


Dates and locations

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27 June

Pedagogic goals:

 · Master the ISO 22000 requirements. 

 · Be able to interpret its requirements for your business 

 · Contribute to the implementation and the improvement of the management system of food safety 

 · Be able to identify the SMSA control elements 


 · Presentation of the standard, relations with others. 

 · HACCP, key elements towards the standard ISO 22000

        · Standards and reference guides 

        · Prerequisites and operational programs 

        · Relevance of the HACCP plan 

 · Explanation of the requirements of the standard and throughout study of the key elements 

        · Management responsibility 

        · Management resources 

        · Planning and realization of safe products

        · Validation, verification and improvement of SMSA 

Persons concerned: 

 Process Managers, Quality Managers, Quality Technician and Internal Auditors in the food sector. 

Pedagogical methods: 

 Experience feedback on the interpretation of clauses. Workshops and case studies on the implementation of Standard directives.