ISO 50001:2011 - Master the requirements of the standard

This training will allow you to discover the principles of an energy management system. You will master the essential requirements and will understand the benefits it brings to your business

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Energy and environment

Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 Day

  • Prerequisite:


Dates and Locations

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21 November

Pedagogic goals: 

 · Understand the challenges of ISO 50001 

 · Master the requirements of ISO 50001

 · Be able to identify the mastering elements of the Energy Management System

 · Contribute to the development and improvement of the Energy Management System


 · Introduction to the energy and Implementation Challenges of a management system: What is an energy management system?

 · Fundamental principles

 · The issues, objectives and semantics

 · Presentation of the standard requirements: management responsibility, energy policy planning (goals, targets and programs), implementation and operation, audit, management review

 · Conclusion

 Persons concerned:

 Every person in the company who’s responsible for the implementation of ISO 50001 and animation of an energy management system

 Pedagogical methods:

 Several workshops, individual reflection and subgroup brainstorming exercises. Experience Sharing.