Workshop Planning of switching systems in industrial networks and critical infrastructures

Requirements for connecting switching systems - important aspects for safe and reliable network operation

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Gunter Lichtenberger Gunter Lichtenberger
Principal Engineer, Power Systems Planning
Workshop Planning of switching systems

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    2 days

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15 & 16 May 2019
Dresden, Germany
EUR 480,00
Leaflet & Registration
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The right planning of a switching system in combination with earthing and lightning protection is of elementary importance for the safe operation of an electrical grid. Making the right decision will also ensure safe and economical operation for years to come. Some important aspects in this respect are choosing the right design and performing regular testing, e.g. of the earthing system and the external and internal lightning protection.

The objective of this workshop is a compact and practical illustration of planning fundamentals for switching systems in industrial networks and critical infrastructures. The necessity of detailed concepts for both external and internal lightning protection of electrical systems will also be discussed. We will use practical examples to give you an interesting insight into typical challenges for the planning of switching systems. 

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On request, DNV GL can also provide in-house training (content, location and duration can be adapted to you specific wishes). Please contact us for more information. 

Main topics:

  • Network connection evaluations
  • Resistance to arc interference of switching systems
  • Safety concepts
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Design of earthing systems and potential equalisation
  • Planning criteria
  • Electromagnetic compatibility 
  • Lightning protection

Target Audience:

This workshop is aimed at engineering personnel working for industrial companies, public utilities and electricity companies who are involved in the design, development and/or operation of electrical grids.