Workshop Uncertainty of the energy estimates of wind projects

A 4-hour workshop to help understand, identify, reduce and manage the uncertainty of the energy estimates of wind projects.

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Jonas Rodriguez Jonas Rodriguez
Team Leader, Wind Project Development
Workshop Uncertainty of the energy estimates of wind projects

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    date to be determined

  • Duration:

    4 hours (1st morning session: 9.00 - 13.00 and 2nd afternoon session: 14.30-18.30)

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    DNV GL office in Mexico City

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This 4-hour workshop aims to show that a comprehensive and realistic management of the variabilities and uncertainties associated with wind energy production estimates allows developers and investors to reduce risks and / or make decisions according to the needs of each transaction. We will review the uncertainties that are usually found in these projects and we will explain them in depth with common examples, deepening in the concepts of uncertainties and variabilities. We will interpret the levels of typical uncertainties with the objective of evaluating specific projects and we will relate it to different types of transactions according to the risks that are usually associated with each one of them. 

This workshop is aimed at developers who wish to obtain the maximum value of their projects as well as investors who wish to interpret and make the most of the information available in their decisions. 

Our experts

Circe Triviño, has 15 years’ experience in wind energy. Circe has a degree in Physics (meteorology), complemented with a diploma on advances studies in fluid mechanics. She started her wind energy carrier working for Gamesa on site conditions assessment. She joint legacy Garrad Hassan in 2004 and has been focused in wind resource studies since then. She is responsible of the Project Development Section in DNV GL Iberia and Latin-American, providing energy assessments and other related wind analysis to a wide range of customers. Has been involved in most relevant projects in Mexico, Latin-American and Iberia during the financing phase advising the banks and investors about potential risks associated to the project from the resource point of view. She is also an active member of the Global Energy practice, collaborating and impacting on the global methodologies adapted by DNV GL as well as committed with the innovation processes in the company. 

Jonás Rodríguez is the Business Development Manager for DNV GL in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Jonas joined DNV GL in January 2013, as an Energy and Development Engineer, where he performed site and meteorological mast inspections, measurement campaign designs, measurements monitoring, wind resource assessment, wind farm layout design and energy production estimations, as well of being in charge of a number of masts on DNV GL’s online data monitoring system, Resource Panorama. In this role, Jonas analyzed over 2.5 GW in wind farms in 7 countries and 3 continents. Between 2016 and 2018, Jonás was the Team Leader for the Wind Project Development department, managing and coordinating a total of more than 60 projects during that period. Jonás is a Mechanical Engineer credentialed by the Universidad de La Laguna in Spain and pursued his master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering at The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Prior to joining DNV GL, he worked for 9 months for Chinese wind turbine manufacturer under their internship program.